Where to Buy Quality Church Fans

Church fans have an interesting history. Dating back to ancient Greece, the flabellum—a type of church fan—was used in religious ceremonies. The fans were used to keep priests or preachers cool and free of insect pestilence.

They were also used for basic air circulation and cooling. The designs varied as did the materials used to construct the fan. Today, many similar uses prevail but modern business has caused a unique twist to the printing options of these wonderful church hand fans.

Conventional uses of church fans

There are some common uses of church hand fans that align with their original use. Below are some of those conventional uses to give you an idea of how these church hand fans are utilized.

  • Cooling. When observing a religious ceremony or even a preacher’s sermon, the Church fans held by people are used for cooling. In some religions, the church leaders will be fanned by these instruments to keep them cool.
  • Insect repellant. The church fans were traditionally used to keep insects away from priests, the Body of Christ both actual and symbolic, as well as to repel insects from the sacred gifts. To present day, these church hand fans are still used for similar purposes.

Unconventional uses of church fans

With the advent of modern marketing and print design, there are numerous new uses for Church fans. You can learn more about those unique and creative uses in the below examples.

  • Advertising. Businesses will print their logos, designs, promotions, and even their phone numbers or special events on these fans. This acts as free advertising whenever a member of a congregation brings their printed fan to church or elsewhere.
  • Decoration. Some people enjoy collecting these church fans. Although they serve no other purpose but to swat insects or circulate air, people enjoy the designs and materials available for these fans. People will collect them to create large collages or simple visual art for the home.

How and where to find church fans

Church fans aren’t hard to come by in the marketplace. Below are the different places where church fans could be found or bought.

  • Search on the Internet. Many sites online such as PrintGlobe specialize in creating church fans and other printed media. Conduct a search for “church fans wholesale” or “church fan print shop” to help meet your fan needs.
  • Local print media shops. A simple look through the Yellow Pages in your area of the U.S. will reveal print media agencies. These places can help you print your own unique designs or business logos on church fans. Do your due diligence for order minimums so you may avoid being overcharged for your promotional needs.

  • Church fans in bulk. These are purchases made in minimum order quantities as required by a specific vendor. Typically the purpose of buying Church fans wholesale is to resell them or distribute them just like wedding fans. The intent of the distribution may be for advertisement depending on the printed material of the fan or it may be given freely to congregations of churches to prevent the members from overheating.